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Need a Professional Website for Your Small Business?

Want complete control over your web hosting and domains?

Want to update it yourself?

Want to do business locally?

Need to be mobile-friendly?

You came to the right place!

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No time to develop your own site? Let us build and manage your website for you, so you can focus on what you do best! We code and design our sites by branding your organization into your own completely custom mobile-ready website theme!

As information technology continues to change at a rapid pace, small businesses and non-profit organizations struggle to find time to learn how to code or design a website, let alone a professionally branded one. Professionals can barely keep up with their busy work schedules. Sure, we can always get a free website and use a template that is also being used by thousands of other people, but often times you may discover there are monthly fees associated with it. Let's face the fact, in order to attract customers to your business these days, you need a top-notch professional website that is customized and branded to fit your organization. However, large web agencies focus on medium to large businesses, charging thousands of dollars to pay for several employees. How can a small business afford that into their budget? This is where we come in. We are also a small business, consisting of me, Tom Eversman, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, and a few partners. Remember, we want to see you succeed.

Web Design

We provide professional custom theme development, branded for your company using today's latest web technology.


We specialize in WordPress site management services.



Need lessons on updating? We offering on-site training services so you can maintain your own site.

Website Maintenance

We provide an affordable monthly maintenance plan to back up your website regularly, update plugins, testing, and monitoring


Our websites included SSL Certifcates, and are protected by top-rated security plugins

Client Updating

Save time and money by easily making the changes yourself


Social Media Marketing

Introduce your business to social media. We provide services for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Audio, Animation & Video

Our projects include animated objects and graphics, as well as integrated video content.

Website Statistics

Our websites include Google Analytics integration, so you can monitor your website traffic.

Digital Graphics

We create our own, use stock content, or use and edit photos you can provide

Search Engine Optimization

Need your website found on Google or Bing? No problem!

Online Advertising

Earn extra income with ad placement using pay-per-click, impressions, and affiliates.


Julie Miller, MBA

Wright State University

"Tom has a great approach to web and social media development. His hands on approach and simple strategies help small business owners feel comfortable using new tools to manage their organizations."  Julie 


Matthew Teeters

Heritage Trails Park District Commissioner

"Tom is (pardon the cliche) THE consummate professional. If you want a detailed, original, and creative solution to bridge the digital gap for your company -- this IS THE guy! His work speak for itself. With a myriad of website under belt, and more coming in on a daily basis, Tom, doesn't lack experience. He's very easy to do business with and VERY pro-customer. If it's web/mobile you need, here's your answer-guy." Matt

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